New Bike Route and Directions Tool for Google Maps

Google has just released new bike trails and bike directions functionality for Google Maps. Plug in two locations in most major cities and you’ll see the best route to travel by bike. The most bike friendly routes are marked with green dots while bike paths show up as dark green lines.

The intent is to promote bicycling across the country and to provide a resource for bike commuters. The most promising part of this technology is it’s ability to collect live input from users. Let’s say you head out on your first bike commute of the spring and you notice some huge potholes obstructing the road shoulder on your favorite route. No problem, just pull out your iPhone and mark the hazard on the Google Maps so other commuters will know to avoid that route or to use more caution.

Let’s hope more tools like this will encourage more bike commuting and in turn encourage cities to improve bicycling infrastructure. Thanks Google!

Check out this article for more information.